Our Minister Rev. Steve and Acting Church Secretary Caz Smith

Steve has been a Baptist Minister for over 20 years, and has a passion for local church ministry. He oversees the whole of church life, while supporting and encouraging others in the roles they play.  HIs particular interest is in trying to make the message of the BIble relevant to people in their everyday lives, and he loves preaching God's word. Steve is supported wholeheartedly by his wife Caz, who is PA to Steve as well as having taken on various roles within the church. Steve and Caz both have a funeral ministry together alongside caring for our church.

David Doonan


David shares the leadership of a Home Group and preaches regularly. He and Doris are the church's nominated representatives for Baptist denominational matters and delegates to the Baptist Assembly and to the South East Baptist Association meetings.

Barbara Watson

Deacon and Church Treasurer

Barbara has been a member of the church for many years. Her faithful participation in church life has long been acknowledged by the church. She has served in various roles in the past. In September 2019 she was reappointed as a Deacon and appointed as church Treasurer. 

Doris Doonan

Doris Doonan

Deacon and Safeguarding Lead

Doris has responsibility for advising the church on all matters relating to safeguarding. She is also a member of the Mission Group with special responsibility for contact with BMS World Mission. Doris is also on the preaching team.

Ronel Greeff

Pastoral Deacon

Ronel is involved in various aspects of church life including pastoral care, Bible study groups, administration and screen projection. She participates in the Wednesday evening Bible Study and is active in all the outreach activities of the church. Ronel has a huge pastoral heart and she is a great support for other church members. 

Jean Corby


Jean has served the church as a deacon for several years and has been reappointed after a break of nearly six months for a further three years. She, with others,  leads the Thursday morning Bible Study Group and participates in most of the church's activities. She is highly regarded as a person of deep spirituality and commitment to her Lord.

Shirley Walter


Shirley, with her late husband Alex, has served the church faithfully for many years and this is her first term as a deacon. She participates in various aspects of the church's life including the Thursday morning Bible Study group, regular worship and outreach. She helps with the catering for special occasions and takes an active role in nurturing other Christians and caring for others.